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Transmuting Tiles

Recipes and Amounts

The amount of liquid required for transmuting depends on the QL of the liquid you've made.

NOTE: These are baseline, on a settlement. Tiles off settlement on PvE servers require 50% more liquid than the baseline amount.

Transmutes Liquid Solid Quantity needed per tile (baseline)
Sand tile to clay tile 0.05 kg Apple juice 0.5 kg Tin (6700/liquid QL) * 0.5
Grass tile/Mycelium tile to peat tile 0.05 kg Lemon juice 0.5 kg Charcoal (6700/liquid QL) * 0.5
Steppe tile to tar tile 0.05 kg Cherry juice 1.0 kg Iron (6700/liquid QL) * 1
Clay tile to dirt tile 0.05 kg Lemon juice 1.0 kg Zinc (6700/liquid QL) * 1
Peat tile to dirt tile 0.05 kg Cherry juice 0.3 kg Moss (6700/liquid QL) * 0.3
Tar tile to dirt tile 0.05 kg Apple juice 1.0 kg Lead (6700/liquid QL) * 1
Moss tile to tundra tile 0.05 kg Orange juice 1.0 kg Copper (1340/liquid QL) * 1


Items needed:

  • Fruit
  • Solid
  • Fruit press
  • Small pottery amphora
  • Measuring jug
  • Three small barrels (for moving liquid around during the process)

Making the transmutation liquid:

  • Use the press to create juice from your fruit.
  • Move the juice in the small barrel (with a peg if you're storing it).
  • Decide how much transmutation liquid you want to make based on the formula in the table above.
  • Measure out the juice you need using the measuring jug.
  • Gather the solid you need and place it in the small pottery amphora.
  • Activate the measured juice.
  • Right click on the small pottery amphora (which is filled with solid).
  • Open menu > Alchemy > Mix. You can use Lore to see if the portions are correct.
  • Note the amount you've made each time, so you can start to get an idea what you've used and what is needed.
  • The transmutation liquid will be passive. You must first bless it to convert it to an activated state.
  • Once the liquid is activated its name will change from passive to activated.
  • Double click the activated transmutation liquid to make it the active item in inventory (green), right click on the tile and transmute.
  • Examine the tile to see how far along the conversion is. This will help you estimate how much more you're going to need based on what you've already made and poured on the tile.

Repeat until the tile is converted. Note that the QL of your liquid will vary, and it may take more resources than you've calculated to complete the tile. Always make sure you have extra resources on hand. I suggest 50-100 more than you think you will need.


  • Never pour the liquid on the tile as this does nothing.
  • Passive transmutation liquid does nothing.
  • Your transmutation liquid must be blessed to activate it first, then you can use Alchemy → Transmutate on a tile.
  • Solid QL can really make the difference in QL of the transmutation liquid and thus result in taking less liquid to convert the tile.
  • When creating juice, be careful not to load up more fruit than the fruit press can hold in juice, otherwise you will lose juice to the kg cap of the container. Apples/lemons, do 7 at a time. Cherries, do 10 at a time.
  • Sand to clay: 80.00 tin + 4.00 apple juice = 40kg (just under a small barrel)
  • Grass to peat: 80.00 charcoal + 4.00 lemon juice = 40kg
  • Steppe to tar: 40.00 iron + 2.00 cherry juice = 40kg
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