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Alchemy Mod

Arathok's Alchemy Mod | Github and info

NOTE: This mod uses the Iconzz mod. The Iconzz mod had to be disabled because it was causing client crashes. Removal of the Iconzz mod (server side) only affects the updating of icons for the alchemy mod.


Use your Foraging and Botanizing Skill to gather ingredients! Almost all Foraged/Botanized Items can result in a potion. Craft Phials and Alchemical Compound to prepare for making potions. Use potions to give yourself an edge in any situation or to sell them and become a real alchemist!

  • Usage of Natural Substances skill to create herb mixtures or pastes from animal fat.
  • Usage of Alchemy Skill to make the Alchemical Compound, potion precursors, potions and oil.
  • → Alchemy and Natural Substances become a viable skill line for RP and to make money
  • Addiction and withdrawal effects!
  • Potion effects could be also described as “cheap way to get spells without being a priest handmade as a craftsman/craftswoman based on skill and quality” while oils (think Witcher) are temporary weapon and arrow enchantments. (If you are a priest check out BALANCING)
  • Explore the new recipes by looking for paste / mixture / phial in your crafting helper [N]!

Consuming any potion results in a 5 minute cooldown, during which you can not consume a potion. (Toxicity :P)

Potion effect/duration is based on QL of the potion. QL basically equals spell power

A potion is the result of a complex order of steps and intermediate items. You can store all of them in bulk but you still have to make them. Alchemical Compound uses an item that is a bit harder to come buy, but not impossible to find.

Potions have a natural difficulty. A potion of Healing will become accessible early but a potion of Strength will have a difficulty of 50 (making it impossible to craft at lower Alchemy levels, based on the QL of the used ingredients).

The process of making the potion uses different skills and only if all of them are raised enough (Foraging / Botanizing / Alchemy / Natural Substances) you can expect a high ql potion. Overall QL is capped by Alchemy skill level.

The result is, that priests can get higher spell powers earlier and more frequently, while the alchemist needs a (RP) life of dedication and practice.


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