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It is important that you learn how to store items efficiently, to maximize what you can carry in your vehicles and what you can store at your settlement.

There are two storage types.

  • Item based
  • Volume based

Item based storage containers hold limited number of items. Most item-based containers can hold 100 items. A small crate can hold 150 items. A large crate can hold 300 items. Since volume isn't taken into account, it is best to store large, heavy items in crates. Items like logs, shard, ore, sand and dirt.

Volume based storage containers can store a certain volume. Most mass storage containers can store 16k volume. Liquid container volume varies by the size of the container. Small volume items are best stored in these containers. Items like resources, build components and raw foods.

Here is a snapshot of storage.

Container Storage Items
Bulk Storage Bin 16k volume Small volume resources and build components
Large Crate 300 items Large volume resources (logs, shard, ore sand, dirt), raw foods
Small and Large Chests 100 items; small holds smaller volume items, large chest larger volume items Crafted items/looted
Coffin 100 items; holds larger volume items than the large chest Crafted/looted items
Food Storage Bin 16k volume Raw foods only
Liquid containers Various volumes Liquid, crafted/looted items when dry
Larder 100 items Cooked meals, snowballs (icebox)
Mass Storage Container Storage Items
Crate Rack Holds 30 large crates at 300 items each
Bulk Container Unit Has 4 BSB's at 16k volume each If the unit itself is expanded (not sub containers) it can hold items in its main container
Rack for Empty BSB's Holds 30 empty BSB's
Huge Oil Barrel Holds 2250kg of liquid
Huge Tub Holds 2250kg of liquid Can hold 260-277kg of cotton, haven't tested other items
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