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About Us

Freth and Giai became friends through helping new players. We have designed our villages specifically for the purpose of recruiting players and building community.

Players are welcome to stay and be a part of our community or move on to settle a place of their own. Moving on doesn't mean you have to leave the community as we have an Alliance you can join.

We have two main villages that are actively recruiting players.

  • Peregrine (Prime map) is our main village designed from the ground up for taking in new and experienced players who want to learn and/or skill up.
  • Tranquility (Northlands map) is our hunting camp. Players interested in working on their fighting skill or a more challenging experience are welcome to also join Tranquility.

Village Rules


  • Treat others with kindness and respect. Help each other.
  • Do not leave clutter lying around. Pick up after yourself.
  • Respect the property of others. Do not take what isn't yours.
  • Feel Free to use public bulk or anything left in public buildings.


Teaching and Providing:

  • If you want to learn we will spend time with you and teach you at your own pace.
  • We provide the environment and the resources for you.
  • We help you along the way. Remember to ask, no question is a dumb one!


  • We are not your taskmasters; we will not assign tasks to you.
  • You are an individual player with your own unique play style, find it and enjoy!
  • Set your own goals and work toward achieving them.
  • Do what you enjoy and have fun!


  • Free to use.
    • The village is designed to provide most needs. Crafting stations and resource stores are there for you to use as needed. Take what you need and add what you can.
  • Maintain organization.
    • Please keep resources sorted as they are. Do not mix and match in the wrong containers. If you need help, please ask so we can maintain order in our stores.

Our Work:

  • Freth and Giai are completely self-sufficient. We prefer to do most of the work we take on ourselves. While we are not against having players help us, here are some of the reasons why we don't ask, and will often decline help.
    • It is much faster for us to do it ourselves because we are high in skill and can knock out jobs quickly.
    • We take on massive work projects (look at Peregrine). This can be daunting for a new or uninitiated player.
    • We like skill gains, if one does their own work, they gain the skills. We are not 100 in many skills, this is a lifer game if you want it to be.


  • If you want to contribute to the village, here are ways you can do so.
    • Store maintenance: Look at our stores and see what we're low on, then help bring those resources in for the community.
    • Participate in the community: Help your fellow citizens and develop friendships and community.
    • Donate: Add to the village coffers if you feel so inclined.
    • Improve: Find things that you like to do, and see if you can improve items at Peregrine.

Player Inactivity

  • If you are inactive for more than 6 months:
    • Your home will be demolished to free up the plot for other players.
    • All of your assets will be moved into the village stores for reuse.
    • Your vehicle(s) will be moved away and will be subject to decay.

NOTE: This is normal, even if you own your own deed. It may fall. All items decay. As a part of our community, your items will have a home and continue to be used.


  • All vegetation in and around the village is for landscaping; sprouting and harvesting of fruits and nuts. It is preferred that you go outside of the village to cut down vegetation. If, by chance, you do cut down vegetation, REPLANT it, please.
  • We have landscaping just outside of the island that is designed to help new players. We have planted cotton along the road between old Moor's dock and Peregrine, and some crops north of Moonglow. These are for the benefit of new players setting out into the world, so we do maintain them. If you must use any of these areas, please replant them to maintain them as they are.


  • Animals in the pen are for the citizens to take and use. This includes breeding if you are so inclined.


  • Do not mine high-quality ore veins if you are low skill. If you are unsure what quality an ore vein is, please ask.

Building A Home

  • Citizens can build a home on plots designated by rounded stone paving (Peregrine). More than one plot must be approved. You can also build a home at Tranquility, but we need to be consulted first.

Contact and Schedules


If we're not online check Discord. See the Mythmoor Discord server.




  • In-game on a daily basis.
  • Available on Discord.
  • Occasionally takes breaks and plays other games, or is doing other things on the computer, or away from the computer.


  • Offline Friday sunset to Saturday sunset EST to observe the seventh day Sabbath (Saturday). May log in Saturday night.



  • In-game on a daily basis.
  • Available on Discord.
  • Occasionally takes breaks and plays other games.
  • Sometimes AFK for real life. If in-game and not immediately answering; will asap, usually in the kitchen, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden (Giai lives life and stays logged in, often).
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