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Object Desired Item To Fit Inside Cast Needed
Wagon Crate Rack 78
Wagon BSB 5
Wagon FSB 37
Large Cart BSB or FSB 96
Crate Rack 100 Large Crates 77
Frying Pan 100 Items 74
Frying Pan Julbord Sized Meal (1 Meat + 76 Tomatoes) 61
Backpack Backpack 13

Manytox (player) on calculating expand:

  • Expand multiplies volume by a factor of 1 + ((Expand ^ 2 )* 0.0004).
  • Each size axis value gets multiplied by the cube root of that, then gets rounded down to the lower integer.
  • For liquid containers, size won't change, but volume will be multiplied too.
  • Size values also have a ceiling with expand, 1200, which actually reduces the size value for a couple of items. But for most usages that won't matter.
  • Keep in mind cast powers have decimals, and the value you see is rounded down.
  • You can have two containers that display the same expand cast, but when you get to testing their volumes (or even sizes!) empirically they will be slightly different.
  • Runes for size and volume get applied before expand, but the order does matter because in both occasions the values get rounded down, since it is converting a float into an int.
  • Lastly, for rough calculations, 50 expand is x2 volume, 100 expand is x5 vol, and 113 expand is my favorite number, 6.1076.
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