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Getting Started

Welcome to the Mythmoor server!


When you first join the server you arrive at Moor's Rest, which is the capital city of the Prime map. We have two other server maps, called Northlands and Plains, which have mobs of all skill levels, and are geared toward skilled players. While it is possible to go to one of these maps and survive, you will find it difficult until you gain in fighting skill. It is recommended that you stay on Prime until you have skilled up a bit.

Where to begin?…

New and Experienced Players

Here are some suggestions for new and experienced players alike.

New Player District

I suggest new players go to the New Player District. It will teach you the basics of the game at your own pace and give you goals to get yourself outfitted before setting out into the world. Use the green portal at the center of Moor's Rest.

The New Player District isn't just for new players. An experienced player may want to go to the New Player District to skill up and prepare before setting out into the world. It has everything you need to get started. Use the green portal at the center of Moor's Rest.

Join A Village

If you want to learn the game from a player, check out the Village Recruitment Boards located around Mythmoor. There is one at Moor's Rest, and one at the New Player District. We also have a village recruitment ads channel on our Discord server.

Set Out Into the World

If you're looking for immediate adventure, you can set out into the world and find it. You might find it a bit rougher, but if you're looking for a survival experience where you learn from trial and error, this may be the option for you.

We have directional portals at the center of Moor's Rest that takes you to the four corners of the Prime map. Other maps also have similar portals at their capitals.

Getting Help

Ask questions in the CA HELP chat tab, or in GL Freedom (global chat). If you need help /tell Freth or contact me on Discord.

Player Guides

Here are some guides specific to the Mythmoor server. Note that much of the information in my guides is now integrated into the New Player District experience.

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