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Bonuses and Alignment

Chat excerpt from Mythmoor GL-Freedom chat, 12-21-23 22:49:12 to 22:50:43 (eastern):

Q: (Player) Xype I need to know if alignment for <insert deity> gives a bonus to spell success rates if I have 100 alignment or 0 alignment.

A: (Xype) No…what having alignment in align with your god gives you is a slight bonus to deed bonuses, and so slight its not worth worrying about. Like if you have max enchanting bonus on deed, and you cast an enchant on deed in your god's influence and are perfect alignment you will get like .01 extra spell power. The main thing is to stay in the right alignment to keep from having the god dump you.

Actions and Alignment

NOTE: Some of these may only apply to WO. i.e. They don't exist in WU.

Action Direction Amount Notes
Butchering a human corpse - 1
Burying a human corpse + 2
Listening to a confession +/- 1
Confessing to a priest +/- 5
Holding a sermon +/- 4
Listening to a sermon +/- 4 up to 4 depending on the number of listeners. Sermons can only move your alignment in the direction of your deity's alignment, not against.
Converting someone to your religion +/- 1
Healing another player + 1
Casting Bless on players + 1 Possibly random
Sacrificing items in an altar +/- 1 Exact favor amount requirement unknown
Praying at the White Light on Chaos + 3
Praying at the Black Light on Chaos - 3
Desecrating an altar - 2
Killing of a whitelighter - 5
Killing of a blacklighter + 5
Plant a sprout or a flower + 1 Fo only
Felling trees aged very old, or overaged + 1 Vynora only
Starting a wall (first action on a new wall) + 1 Vynora only
Mine + 0.5 Magranon only:
Kill a creature + 0.5 Magranon only
Kill a creature - 0.5 Libila only
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