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Unfermented Moonshine Affinity Mechanics

Taken from this Wurm Online forum post.

NOTE: There is no affinity offset anymore on Mythmoor. All affinities are the same for every player, so there is no per-player math necessary, but you still have to figure out Mythmoor's values. You may want to read the Food Affinity How To page first, as it explains the math a bit better.

I've had people ask how to figure out affinities for beverages and I deiced to post this.

I don't manually figure out affinities. I use a program to run simulations so it can figure them out for me. Below is how the system works.

python program: (Backup link)

skill.json: (Backup link)

Here is a excel spreadsheet showing the result of the simulation for unfermented moonshine. If you want to figure them out then don't look in the spoiler.

You'll need to change the A and B columns for your toon's data. All the ingredients are chopped and then fried or roasted. This extra step increases the complexity.!AlQlwbwwMPmLgjvmTEYVu_LTIDO3?e=mZkNpj (Backup link)

Modulo arithmetic

Character offset

I figure this out with algebra.

  • toon offset: x
  • cooker plain oven: ID 178 would be 40 (result of 178 mod 138).
  • container pottery bowl: ID 77
  • ingredient raw whole pumpkin: template 33 + vegetarian 22 + raw-whole 0 + real-template -10
  • “[21:09:53] You think the breakfast might give you more of an insight about preaching!”
  • 117, “Preaching”

For me this is: (x + 178 + 77 + 45) / 138 = Q remainder 116 where 0 ⇐ x ⇐ 137

I'm not sure if this always works:
178 + 77 + 45 = 300 138 * 2 + 116 = 392 392 - 300 is character offset. And in Ogare's case that is 92.

I chose times two because it fit well with the summed 300 value. For other toons and different recipes it might be a smaller or a larger value. Quotient or Q is irrelevant for affinity math so whether it's a 0, 1, 2, … it doesn't matter as long as 0 ⇐ x ⇐ 137.

Unfermented Moonshine

This is the best beverage item to make for affinities. If you want other beverage drinks a similar process applies with a different container or cooker.

  • Ogare's offset, 92 (Ogare is the author's character name)
  • oven cooker, 40
  • cauldron container, 75
  • water ingredient, 6
  • sugar ingredient, 47
  • fried pumpkin, 46

((92+40+75+6+47+46) mod 138) + 1 = 31 or Religion.

[18:08:44] You think the unfermented moonshine might give you more of an insight about religion!


oven 178, campfire 37, forge 180, still 1178


pottery bowl 77, frypan 75, cauldron 75, plate 69


All ingredients consist of this: template + material + state + real-template. Summed values can be modulo by 138 if desired. All the identifier numbers are pulled from WU code, and yes they are correct for WO. Wurm code uses -10 for real template as an equivalent for none. Most ingredients don't have real template. Given the numbers come from WU it would be useful to have a list of all food stuff already extracted from WU code. But I haven't done that and I usually look up what I need. I realize this isn't ideal for others. I've wanted to make that list and have been putting it off.


Aging Wine and Alcohol:

  • Oak barrels give a small boost to aging distilled alcohol and wine.
  • Being on deed, underground inside a building gives a major boost to aging distilled alcohol and wine.

Changes to end Affinity:

  • Rare stills add +1 to the affinity of alcohol made inside them.
  • Green grape juice adds +13 to a recipe for affinites.
  • Salty Water adds +16 where as water adds +6 for affinities
  • Pre-fermentation Alcohol affinities follow normal cooking rules for affinities
  • When adding ingredients the amount of water doesn't change the affinity but each other ingredient extra does.
  • When filling a container with several different batches of gin, It always takes the affinity of whatever was inside the container first. I assume it works this way for all drinks but have not tested beyond alcohol.
  • Rare barrels do not affect fermentation end affinity.
  • Beers, ales and the like have a set affinity each one gives.
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