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Authorship Program

In order to foster written works in Mythmoor we have an authorship program that skips the cost of binding, as long as you submit your book for the New Player District library.

Any book submitted to the New Player District library is bound for free and kept in that library specifically, and a player gets 1 free bound copy of said book for their own personal library.

Please note that the submitted book must be your own written work.

When your book is ready put in a /support ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Letters Per Page

The amount of letters you can inscribe is affected by:

  • Choosing dye, granting a base of 10 letters
  • Choosing ink (from an octopus), granting a base of 100 letters
  • QL of sheet
  • QL of reed pen
  • QL of dye or ink

Pages Per Book

A book whose quality is 22 or less will hold 22 pages. If its quality is 23 or more, it will hold the number of pages equal to its quality.

Ink Usage

The reed pen holds .008kg, which is the same amount it uses to write once. If you abort writing on a page the ink is still consumed.

Book Binding

  • Put in a /support ticket to have it bound.
  • If submitting to the New Player District library, there is no cost. Book will be soft bound and added to the library. You will receive 1 soft bound copy.
  • If not submitting to the New Player District library, pay binding cost to the GM (50s for a 10 page book or 80s for a 20 page book) and the book will be bound for you.

Soft bind settings are as follows.

  • No Destroy/Bash - Item cannot take damage.
  • No Spells - Item cannot be cast upon.
  • Decay Disabled - Item does not decay.
  • Not Improvable - Item cannot be improved.

Player Library

Bookshelves are not containers. They can't hold a bunch of books. However there is a way to have a container that holds books and looks like a bookshelf with the server side remodel mod. Mythmoor has a remodel item to item service for 8s.

How to have a container remodeled to look like a bookshelf:

  • Have a chest or similar container ready to be your bookshelf.
  • Go to Avery Bright in The Shades and buy a Scroll of Item to Item Remodel for 8s, or alternatively just put in a /support ticket for remodel and have 8s on hand.
  • GM will remodel your container to look like a bookshelf. The chest will look like a bookshelf and will hold books that can be browsed by anyone who visits your library.

NOTE: If you move the container to a different map the item will need to be remodeled by a GM. Just put in a /support ticket to have it fixed.

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