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Add A Settlement Role

Adding a role for a player allows the player to have permissions on your settlement without being a citizen. Note however that you still have to set building permissions for the player.

There are two ways to access Settlement management:

  • Go to your settlement token - Settlement → Manage Roles.
  • C for character window, right click lower left or lower right, Manage → Settlement → Manage Roles.

Under Manage Roles:

  1. Click Add Role in the upper right. If you can't see an Add Role button or Save button you need to adjust your font settings under Settings.
  2. In the Add Role window, you must fill out two fields. Role Name and Player. I typically will put the player's name in both fields.
  3. Check the boxes you want the player to have.
  4. Click the Save button upper right.

If you did everything right, you should be able to go back into Manage Roles and see the new role. Open the role to double check its permissions. Player may have to relog for permissions to take effect.

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