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Mine Entrance


  • This tutorial assumes that you already have your entrance tiles prepped; all of the tiles surrounding and including the entrance tile have been dug down to rock.
  • Tunneling in creates a new entrance with a 20 ramp slope down.
  • Improved compass and tool tip mods will help you with corner height.
  • For the best results, I use 30 or 33 slope between top and bottom corners of the entrance tile (outside) depending.
    • 30 is the default height (slope) from floor to ceiling if mining forward.
    • If you're considering having buildings in your mine, 33 is the default height height (slope) of a first floor of a building from bottom to top. Subsequently it is 30 for floors 2 and up. This is wall height and doesn't take into account the height of a roof. Roof height if the width of the roof is 1 tile is 20 slope high. Roof height if the width of the roof is more than 1 tile (vaulted ceiling) is 38 slope high.

How to Make a Flat Entrance

Method 1:

  • Align the floor and ceiling corner heights (inside) with those of the entrance tile (outside). Mine out from the inside. You should now have a flat entrance.

Method 2:

  • Tunnel in, which puts you down 20 slope, tunnel up the next tile inside (reversing the 20 slope), then mine one tile in to get a flat tile. Fill in the down and up slope tiles, then mine straight out. You should now have a flat entrance.
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