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Potions can be made from the blood of unique creatures.

Creature Blood Potion
Goblin leader Potion of mining
Kyklops Potion of leatherworking
Forest giant Potion of woodcutting
Troll king Ointment of stonecutting
Dragon Blood Potion
Black dragon Potion of carpentry
Blue dragon Potion of butchery
Green dragon Ointment of tailoring
Red dragon Potion of ropemaking
White dragon Oil of the blacksmith
Dragon Hatchling Blood Potion
Black dragon hatchling Oil of the armour smith
Blue dragon hatchling Fletching potion
Green dragon hatchling Potion of acid/Ointment of tailoring on Defiance
Red dragon hatchling Oil of the weapon smith
White dragon hatchling Salve of frost/Oil of the blacksmith on Defiance
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