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Server Maps

Which Map Should I Choose?

Mythmoor has three server maps. Prime, Northlands and Plains. All players start on the Prime map, in the capital, called Moor's Rest.

How to choose what map is best for you:

  • Prime: 4k² meters
    • Easy-going, diverse landscape
    • Rift mobs do not spawn on this map

  • Northlands: 8k² meters
    • Vast rolling hills.
    • Huge distances.
    • High end mobs.
    • Rift mobs spawn on sand.
    • The middle 1k² meters is a PVP zone.
    • PVP is dead, but the PVP zone has rune resources and high payout for mobs.
    • Your body can be looted in PVP zones, and items taken (unless bound to you), including mounts.

  • Plains: 4k² meters
    • Rough unforgiving terrain.
    • Untamed.
    • High end mobs.
    • Rift mobs spawn on sand.

Uniques are powerful creatures of great reknown, like dragons. Uniques can spawn on any map, and are usually hunted as pop-up player-driven events.

Sailing To Other Maps

When plotting a course on a boat you will arrive on the opposite side, on the map you choose as your destination. You can use the map borders to your advantage, to get where you want to go.

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