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How to Efficiently Build Support Beams


  • This method may require a certain strength level to be able to hold everything in inventory, so you may have to make adjustments.
  • When building a wood item with the crafting window, there is a bug where if you use a different wood type the support beam(s) may drop from the crafting window slot. It was fixed in WO, but remains a bug in WU.
  • If you drag a stack of support beams to the crafting window slot, it will allow you to apply materials to the stack. The game seems to alternate at will between applying material to the current item, or striping through the items in the stack. I suspect this is also caused by using different wood type materials, but I haven't tested it enough to be sure.

I'm recording this here for posterity, and to remind myself as well, since I always forget this method for some reason.

Support beam recipe:

  • 2 logs
  • 4 shafts
  • 2 ribbons.

The starter materials are 1 log and 1 shaft. This leaves you with 1 log, 3 shafts and 2 ribbons as the finishing materials for each support beam. Knowing this, you can plan not only the materials you need (multiples of), but the method by which you make the support beams (carrying multiples of that match the support beams you can carry in inventory), to maximize efficiency.

  1. Make a pile of unfinished support beams. The remaining items needed to complete each support beam will be 1 log, 2 shafts and 2 ribbons.
  2. Drag 8 logs, 16 ribbons and 24 shafts into inventory (for 4 support beams at a time).
  3. Drag a stack of 4 support beams into inventory.
  4. Drag the stack of support beams in your inventory to the crafting window.
  5. Complete the support beams one at a time by dragging the log, ribbons and shafts to finish each. Upon completion, the next support beam in the stack is automatically added to the crafting window (because you had dragged the stack to it). This saves you two actions; 1 for having to drag a support beam to the crafting window each time, 1 for the next support beam because a material is already populated in the crafting window slot, allowing you to click continue right away to start finishing that next support beam.

    Repeat steps 2 through 5 until all support beams are finished.
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