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Building Support Beams


  • Quick bind or use a custom actions mod bind to the “Add to crafting window” action. Use this to quick add a support beam to a crafting window slot to build. If you try to build support beams from your inventory they will drop from the crafting slot intermittently when the wood type changes on the materials you're using.
    • Quick bind—To quick bind hover over a right click menu action and press and hold a key to assign until it appears in the menu.
    • Custom actions mod—In console window (F1) type the command: bind yourkey “act 607 hover”

I'm recording this here for posterity, and to remind myself as well, since I always forget this method for some reason.

Support beam recipe:

  • 2 logs
  • 4 shafts
  • 2 ribbons

The starter materials for a support beam:

  • 1 log
  • 1 shaft

Finishing materials:

  • 1 log
  • 3 shafts
  • 2 ribbons

Knowing this, you can plan not only the materials you need (multiples of), but the method by which you make the support beams (carrying multiples of that match the support beams you can carry in inventory), to maximize efficiency.

  1. Make a pile of unfinished support beams (up to 98, leaving room). The remaining items needed to complete each support beam will be 1 log, 2 shafts and 2 ribbons.
  2. Drag materials to inventory. I use 8 logs, 16 ribbons and 24 shafts at a time, which lets me finish 8 support beams in one load.
  3. Use the custom actions bind (above in Notes; or a quick bind*) to add a beam to a crafting slot.
  4. Complete the support beam using logs, ribbons and shafts.
    Repeat steps 2 through 5 until all support beams are finished.
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