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How to Earn Coin

  • Killing creatures will earn you bounty (coin). The best payout is in in the PVP area in the center of the Northlands map. It can be dangerous for a new player, but is doable. If you're willing to take the risk you will reap the rewards.
  • Gather and sell resources to players.
    • Large crates of dirt go for 40-50 copper each.
    • Players will buy decent quality fruits and vegetables in quantity.
      • Garlic for sacrificing.
      • Lemons for transmutation.
      • Acorns for dye.
  • Hire yourself out to players for labor. Players often hire other players for odd jobs.
    • Mining ore veins out.
    • Cutting down trees.
    • Digging or terraforming.
    • Repairing or improving items.
  • Skill up a trade and sell services or crafted items. Place merchants in Moor's Rest market area with your wares and/or use the trade chat channel.
  • Run the Sewers dungeon and sell the seryll you get from it.
  • Dig or mine for random rare ores, source crystals, gems and treasure maps. Treasure maps give loot you can sell, and coin.
  • Go to unique creature hunts (dragons, etc.) and sell the loot to players.


The best way to learn the economy of Mythmoor is to do a PC request in the Trade channel, or search for Trade channel history on the Mythmoor Discord server. Use keywords “WTS” or “PC” along with the item you are looking to find the price for (example: “WTS rod of transmutation”). Keep in mind that prices do change over time.


It is not necessary to deed right away. Yes, the benefits are a permission system for your land and no decay, but you can build and live anywhere you want without deeding. You just have to keep your buildings and fencing repaired, and keep your things behind locked doors and fences.

If you want to learn about deeding costs for Mythmoor, check out the Deeding Costs page.

Joining A Village

Consider joining a village where you can prosper and skill up until you have earned enough coin to set out on your own. Joining a village means you don't have to struggle, as the are already established and have everything you need. Check the Village Recruitment Board in Moor's Rest and the New Player District, and also the Mythmoor Discord server #village-recruitment-ads channel.


You can buy merchant and trader contracts at The Shades, which is under the marketplace in Moor's Rest. Look for the mine door there.

  • A merchant contract allows you to place one merchant to sell items.
  • A trader contract allows you to place one trader to buy items.

Skills Help

Players tend to buy higher quality items, so it is a good idea to pick at least one skill to work on, so that you can sell items of your own, through merchants and trade chat.

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