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Cautionary Tales

This page is dedicated to past GM faux pas, and overall general tips for the new GM. What not to do, what to be careful of.

Cave Entrances

When flying, a GM will “fall” into cave entrances, and potentially die. Avoid cave entrances when flying. If you find you're having trouble interacting with objects (too far away), you most likely fell into a cave, but are still seeing yourself as above ground. You will need to find an entrance to the cave, enter the cave, and exit it to fix it.

Summoning Thousands

Pollo once summoned thousands of snakes and slowed the server to a crawl. Be careful to enter a low number when summoning. Staying at 20 or below is a good number.

Terraforming Terror

When using the terraforming commands, be very careful. It is easy to get the direction wrong, or enter a high number that cuts a deep gouge in a mountain. I know, I did it and had to repair it.

More to come. My mind is mush right now.

Holes in the World

Do not use wall textures (for instance) on the ground. It can open a hole on the tile(s). I wasn't the one who fixed the issue, so I don't know what is required. I assume you paint the area with a correct texture.

Dragons Attack

It's easy to accidentally select an actual dragon instead of a dragon mount.

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