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Moor's Rest Housing


Here is guidance from Lolth:

“On the main streets they were 5 or 6 silver per tile, on the back streets 3 or 4. I forget if it was 4 and 6 or 3 and 4. I would err on the higher side. They were intended to be a coin sink.”

We charge for tiles on a per floor basis, as a two or three story house is more space and should be more expensive. Ballpark: A smaller house might be 40s, a larger home upwards to a 1g. One of the biggest homes in Mythmoor, Perry Manor, cost me 1.2g or 1.3g, if I remember right. Lolth sold it to me. Average house size is in the 60s range. Ultimately, the price is negotiable and up to the GM.



“Also any player who has been absent 6 months or longer you can take their home back, the only exception I ever made was with past GM’s, I left theirs indefinitely.”

Thus far we typically only revoke ownership if a player is interested in a home and the current owner hasn't logged in for a long time, but again it's up to the GM. I know I have had at least one player come back to find their home owned by another player, and I had to set them up in a new home.



Address Owner
1 and 3 Fox Street EMPTY
4 Fox Street EMPTY
1 Love Street Gazmic
2 Love Street EMPTY
3 Gem Lane EMPTY
4 Gem Lane EMPTY
6 and 8 Gem Lane EMPTY
10 Gem Lane Raffchi
1 Collier Blvd Missme
2 Collier Blvd Charlotte
4 Collier Blvd Ravyhn
5 Collier Blvd EMPTY
6 Collier Blvd Rillian
7 Collier Blvd Drizzl
2 Law Lane EMPTY
6 Law Lane Druzz
1 Silver Lane Unibr
2 and 3 Silver Lane DJbanegas
1 Grove Ave Cerberus
3 Grove Ave Sirius
1 Revolution Street EMPTY
2 Revolution Street EMPTY
3 Revolution Street Rhorenn
5 Revolution Street Tywin
1 Heart St EMPTY
2 Heart St NTesla
1 Monument Square Pollo’s Place/Realtor
2 Monument Square Caveman
2 Bridge Street Gweeno
4 and 5 Monument Square Perliana (deceased/memorial)
6 Monument Square Rillian
1 Cob Walk Ramonpolac
2 Cob Walk Kyta


Name Owner History
Shades View Ypres unknown
Perry Manor Freth formerly Ivy Cottage
Giai’s Chalet Giai formerly 2 Starfall
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