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Christmas mainstays…

NOTE: The game itself will spawn a julbord and Santa Claus on December 23rd, at the deed token tile.

Santa Claus

Summon the creature “Santa Claus”. He is an NPC that gives out a snowman that spawns snowballs about every 24 hours (might be 18, I don't know for sure). Alternative is to create a “Christmas tree”, which also gives out a snowman.

Christmas Lights

To spawn a Christmas light pillar on a tile:


To despawn Christmas light pillar on a tile:

NOTE: This command doesn't seem to work on Mythmoor, or it is delayed until the year's end. See below bullet point.


Things to Know

  • All julbords disappear at the end of the year.
  • Christmas ends at 11am on 12/31 server time (eastern for Mythmoor).
  • The Christmas light pillar disappears at this time.
  • The julbords pop a short time later, around noon or one.


  • Christmas tree:
  • Snowman: model.decoration.snowman.xmas
  • Treasure Chest: model.container.chest.large.treasure.birchwood
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