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Set Up a Local Server with a GM Account

Setting up a local server is simple and straightforward. You can run the server via the launcher Manage Local Server button, or via the command line from the WurmLauncherServer folder.

  • You may need to run the server as administrator.
  • You may need to specify a command line admin password if the config window isn't working. You do this by running the server from the command line, inside the WurmLauncherServer folder, as follows: WurmServerLauncher adminpwd=password

GM Setup:

  1. In the server config window, set up the server name, and your local IP. You can find your local IP by opening a Command Prompt window and running IPCONFIG. Example local IP: 192.168.x.x
  2. Log into your local server using the local IP for the first time and create a new player (just as you would for an online server, but Connect by IP instead using your local IP and port.
  3. Go to your server config window, under Players tab and select the name of your player. Set the Player Game Management Power to 5 for full GM capability (see Set Power for more info on power settings).
  4. Give your player an ebony wand using the command: #give playername 176


* If you have issues connecting to the server, ensure your ports are forwarded in your router for your computer's local IP.

* If you want to let others connect to your server, you would use your regular IP address in the server config, not your local one (again, found with the IPCONFIG via command line, or search a web browser for “What is my IP address?”). The above bullet point applies for port forwarding, otherwise they may not be able to connect to your server.

* Use dedicated server (from the forums): “The biggest difference between the dedicated server and the regular one is that if you start the regular through the client and then try and restart the client steam will block the client from starting again. With the dedicated server it won't. And of course the fact that the dedicated server can login anonymously so you don't need the steam client running for that one.” * Installing server mods is similar to installing client mods. Install the server mod launcher in the WurmLauncherServer\mods folder and modify any config files. Patch the server using patcher.bat before running the server.

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