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Halloween Mobs

Halloween mobs are seasonal and are switched on and off. The mobs usually last for 3 weeks, but it can change from year to year.


Xype — 10/21/2022 Next weekend, as the veil between the realm of death and the realm of life is at its weakest, gravestones will spread greatly, from the 28th through the 1st, then they will once again spawn less for 1 week until they stop spawning for another year.

Halloween Event

NOTE: This is an example, it is this year's event. Events and rewards vary from year to year.

Collect the sweets from Xype's skeletons and zombies, Trade them in for wonderous Halloween gifts.

SWEETS Valued Item
20 Tiny Taxi (see display for options)
50 99QL Magic Broom
75 99QL Wood Choice of Magic Broom
100 Original Bat Wings
150 Choice color of Bat Wings
250 Rare Color Choice Bat Wings
300 Rare 99QL Magic Broom
600 Supreme 99QL Magic Broom
1000 Fantastic 99QL Magic Broom

When you're ready to trade your Sweets for Treats, put in a /support ticket and a GM will gladly assist. *NOTE: The bat wings start at black with purple veins, it is awkward to color and may not come out as expected. Be patient and Thankful.

GM's Using Halloween Mobs

Regarding Halloween mobs outside of season:

Xype — 07/13/2020

lets avoid the halloween mobs when its not halloween, that is what is causing the flood of null pointer exceptions

Dzelda — 07/13/2020

Whatre those?

Xype — 07/13/2020

neck cutter zombies, head hunter wraiths

halloween mobs


Dzelda — 07/13/2020

I mean, whats a null pointer exception? What does it do?

Just curious.

Thor (Craft) — 07/13/2020

It’s database speak equivalent for a person exiting this door.

Xype — 07/13/2020


null means non existant, there is a pointer pointing at something that doesn’t exist, in this case likely the fact that it is not halloween

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