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Moor's Rest Trading Post

The following are the trade merchants (buy) at the Moor's Rest trading post. Merchants are left to right starting with the small L and moving around to the right.

Stall 1

Name: Horsing Around
Location: 2880,2563

Item QL Payout
Horse Shoe, iron 30 1c
Horse Shoe, iron 50 3c
Horse Shoe, iron 70 5c
Saddle 30 2c
Saddle 50 4c
Saddle 70 6c
Halter Rope 1c

Stall 2

Name: Pepe Potter
Location: 2880,2564

Item QL Payout
Pottery Flask 30 25i
Pottery Flask 50 1c
Pottery Bowl 30 20i
Pottery Bowl 50 1c
Pottery flowerpot 30 30i
Pottery flowerpot 50 2c
Fo Puppet 50 1c
Libila Puppet 50 1c
Magranon Puppet 50 1c
Vynora Puppet 50 1c

Stall 3

Name: Samper
Location: 2879,2565

Item QL Payout
Small Shield, any 30 2c
Small Shield, any 70 5c
Shield, any 30 5c
Large shield, iron 30 3c
Large shield, iron 70 5c
Shield, iron 30 3c
Shield, iron 70 7c

Stall 4

Name: Empty
Location: 2878,2565

Stall 5

Name: Phelix
Location: 2877,2565

Item QL Payout
Ballista Dart Head, iron 30 1c
Fishing Pole, any 30 3c
Fishing Pole, any 70 7c
Spindle, any 30 3c
Spindle, any 70 7c
Ballista Dart, birchwood 30 50i
Ballista Dart, birchwood 70 1c

Stall 6

Name: Empty
Location: 2876,2565

Stall 7

Name: Bently
Location: 2875,2565

Item QL Payout
Green Foresters Wool Hat 30 2c
Green Foresters Wool Hat 70 5c
Common Wool Hat 30 2c
Common Wool Hat 70 5c
Blue Foresters Wool Hat 30 2c
Blue Foresters Wool Hat 70 5c
Dark Foresters Wool Hat 30 2c
Dark Foresters Wool Hat 70 5c
Meditation Rug, cotton 30 1c

Stall 8

Name: Dilimar
Location: 2874,2565

Item QL Payout
Hammer, iron 30 3c
Hammer, iron 70 7c
Bracelet, silver 30 3c
Bracelet, silver 70 7c
Bracelet, gold 30 3c
Bracelet, gold 70 7c
Lunchbox, tin 30 2c
Lunchbox, tin 70 5c
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