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GM Services

NOTE: This page is a work in progress, and is not a complete list. If you are unsure about a service, ask a senior GM.

Abandoned Vanity Mounts

When players leave the game and do not come back, vanities are left behind.

The current policy is that if a player finds vanities, and they report them to the GM via /support ticket, they are paid 3s per vanity for their efforts to safeguard the vanities.

  1. Vanities should be logged in a #watch ticket (if owner can be determined):
    1. Owner (the #watch ticket is under the owner)
    2. Name of vanity, if applicable
    3. Gear found on vanity and its stats, if applicable
    4. Once they are logged (if owned), destroy them so they can’t be acquired by other players.

Authorship Program

In order to foster written works in Mythmoor we offer soft binding for books.

Please note that the submitted book must be the player's own written work.

Any book submitted to the New Player District library is bound for free and kept in that library specifically, and a player gets 1 free bound copy of said book for their own personal library. A player should put in a /support ticket to have the book processed and put in the New Player District library, and to receive a copy.


  1. Player makes a book (make the book and pages and fill the pages with their written work).
  2. Player puts in a /support ticket to have it bound.
  3. If player chooses to submit the book to New Player District library the bind is free.
  4. If player does not want to submit the book to the New Player District library the binding fee is 50s for a 10 page book or 80s for a 20 page book.
  5. Soft bind book and pages to prevent decay. Give player bound book.

Soft Bind Settings for books:

  • No Destroy/Bash - Item cannot take damage.
  • No Spells - Item cannot be cast upon.
  • Decay Disabled - Item does not decay.
  • Not Improvable - Item cannot be improved.

Bound Items

See the Bind an Item page for specifics.

GM Owned Merchant Services

GM merchants provide the player with the ability of purchasing various services from a GM that would not otherwise be available.

  • The player purchases the item from a merchant, which is a place-holder for said service.
  • The player enters a ticket for the service to be rendered.
  • The GM response to the ticket and provides the service, taking the purchased place-holder item and destroying it.
  • The GM who owns the merchant(s) is responsible for keeping them stocked.
  • Be sure to make place-holder items that cannot possibly be created by a player.

See The Shades Merchants and The Traveling Merchant.

Second Portal

A player can have a second portal on a separate map by paying $20 via Paypal only at the following address:

If a player cannot use Paypal then they can purchase a $20 gift card and add a note as to what player it's for and that it's a second portal.

Sorcery Items

The Shades sells sorcery items for 35s each. Sorcery items come with three charges. If a player buys a scroll to exchange for a sorcery item, you must set the charges to one before giving it to them.

One Charge

Set Data on the sorcery item and change the Auxdata to 2, so the player only gets one charge.

Auxdata Charges
0 Three charges left
1 Two charges left
2 One charge left

Looted Sorcery Items

In the past, it was typical for a sorcery loot item to be rolled on and the top three rolls win a charge. The first player would then use the item and pass it on to the second winner, and then that player would pass it on to the third winner.

It has become the norm for a unique hunt organizer to ask a GM for three one-charge sorcery items (how-to above) in exchange for the looted three-charge sorcery item, so that each winner can have their own item rather than having to wait for the other player to use their charge. This happens in the background by PM and trade between the GM and organizer.

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