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NOTE: This is a direct copy/paste from The Mythmoor website (with some formatting changes). The last update was published by Xype February 1, 2020


The Mythmoor Staff reserve the right to change, update, add, remove rules from this list at any time with or without notice. Check back regularly IMPORTANT: If you have to break a fence to get into an area, then you are not allowed in that area in any pve zone. This means you are not allowed to break a fence to enter an area to loot in a pve zone, period.

Contacting Staff

A) Never PM a GM. Use /support for all in game queries.

Mythmoor Team

A ) Do NOT openly insult, berate, or ‘verbally’ abuse any Mythmoor Team member via any method.

B ) Please follow any directive or instruction given by a Game Master.

C ) You may not deliberately supply Mythmoor Team members with false information.

D ) Do NOT impersonate any member of the Mythmoor Team by any means

Naming of accounts, deeds, or items

A ) You may not use any name that conflicts with the Mythmoor chat rules for your server.

B ) Names must not violate the rights of any individual or company, nor impersonate any public figure related to pop culture, persona, or religion.

C) Names may not impersonate Staff in any shape or form.

Account Sales

A ) Mythmoor condones account and item sales, as we believe that you have the right to capitalize on your investment in the server.

B ) We do not offer support or service and will not be held responsible for any remedial action or loss that occurs.

C ) All such activity (sales, auctions, trades, sharing) is entirely at your own risk.

D ) Change the password and e-mail address of acquired accounts. (You are solely responsible for the security of your accounts.)

Shared Accounts

A ) Mythmoor does not condone sharing or contracting accounts.

B ) You enter into any sharing agreements totally at your own risk.

C ) We do not offer support or service for sharing and will not be held responsible for any remedial action or loss.


Definition: A macro is any software/hardware that automates the sending of actions to the game server without user interaction and is not permitted Including but not limited to:

1.A) Holding down a key by any means to physically repeat an action without user interaction

2.B) Any use of software or other less physical ways of repeating actions without user interaction


Player attendance at the computer is required when performing actions to avoid false positives when approached with suspicion of macroing. Please ensure that you check back at your screen occasionally when multi tasking to avoid this.


Cheating to gain any advantage that is not intended by the Mythmoor team is not permitted.

1.A) Obvious abuse of an exploit, bug or gaining items/skills by unintended methods

2.B) Sniffing game communication data, trying to hack the server, or altering the client in any way.

3.C) Using any tool that directly interacts with the Wurm Online client or with the network communication to enhance game play.

4.D) Gaining champion points outside of normal PvP. (example: Draining your own or a friends deeds, or killing avatars provided only as a service for champion points.)

Bugs & Exploits

If you find an exploitable bug, you are required to report it to /support.

PVP activity will not be interrupted by Game Master’s unless a bug is deemed critical or game breaking by the GM/Administration team.

If you are affected by a bug ingame that prevents you from playing your character correctly, please file a /support ticket


A ) Harassment such as, defamation of character (insulting their race, gender, creed, nationality or sexuality) is not permitted.

B ) Continuous emoting harass others is not permitted.

C ) Continuous spamming of trade or request windows to harass is not permitted.

KoS (Kill on Sight)

A ) Deeds retain the right to use the reputation system as needed

B ) You must have a one tile allowance between deed edge and any gates that will lock when your village alarm is sounded.

C ) You must allow anyone set on KoS to leave your deed.


Definition: Activities that are not constructive and with deliberate intent to do harm to others.

A ) You may not block access to deeds, merchants, or structures not belonging to you.

B ) You may not call guards to kill penned animals on deeds you are not a citizen of. (They ain’t hurting you!)

C ) You may not steal deeds from the original mayor or residing citizens.

– resident citizens on democratic deeds may vote a new mayor for any reason.

D ) You may not intentionally create player traps. (i.e. Using siege shields to trap other players)

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are those that have been left in such places that constitute a problem to playability such as abandonment on deed. Abandoned vehicles may be brought to the attention of a Game Master. The GM will move the vehicle to a sufficient distance from the deed after confirming that the owner is not active.

Punishment Policy

Punishments will be dealt with on a case by case basis at the discretion of the GM team. If you feel that a case was dealt with incorrectly you may bring it to the attention of the GM involved and/or Community Manager.

Chat Rules

The online chat system is a privilege and one we would like to see you keep, so please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with Mythmoor chat rules.

The following rules apply to PUBLIC chat channels and are not exhaustive:

1) You may not purposely disrupt chat by excessive trolling.

Trolling – Is defined as a user posting inflammatory remarks or annoying behavior to intentionally provoke other users.

Do not post with the sole intent of upsetting other players.

Do not post with the intent of causing unrest.

Do not post to offend, insult, taunt or aggravate other users and staff.

Do not post excessive shouting (caps) or Ascii art.

Do not post to defame or discredit Mythmoor staff.

2) You may not harass (sexually or otherwise), verbally abuse, threaten, berate, flame or cause unwanted distress to anyone.

3) You may not use excessively sexually explicit language; try to keep it PG 16 most of the time. Furthermore, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language won’t be tolerated. This includes workarounds, symbols, links, misspelling and text within images.

4) You may not discuss, post items or links relating to exploit abuse and other forms of cheating, religion, pornography, illegal drugs or the abuse of such drugs, ‘warez’, copyright infringement and ‘pirated’ materials (including illegal torrents) or any other illegal activity. While we encourage open minded discussion, if someone is getting offended please change the subject. Comparing in game godhood to actual world religions in the real world is not something ok to do. The gods in game are a fantasy world with no value in real life and no such comparisons should be made.

5) Mythmoor staff would prefer English to be used when speaking in public chats and when making support calls. If you cannot use English, a translator may be a good option. Mocking or insulting someone trying their best is not acceptable and may result in an official warning or worse. … translator

6) You may never impersonate another user on our server, and you may certainly not impersonate any member of Mythmoor staff, or falsely suggest that you are staff.

7) You may not use the Mythmoor Wurm chat system to sell or advertise the sale of products which are not relevant to Wurm or Mythmoor, period. You may not sell or advertise the sale of products which are illegal.

8) Send a private message or /tell to the moderator in question if you have a question about a moderation action or wish to appeal a moderation action. If a satisfactory solution cannot be achieved then send your concerns to a Lead Game Master (usually via a forum pm).

9) You may not advertise another server on the Mythmoor forums, or using chat, this means private messages, kingdom chats or global chats.

The ignore feature should be used at any time you do not wish to receive messages from another player and is your primary personal control of your own private messages. You will not receive text posted by someone on your personal ignore list. Example: ‘/ignore <playername>’

Players on premium accounts may snipe other players ‘/snipe <playername>’ which will mute the player if enough people issue it roughly at the same time. You can only have one snipe per time period. The command ‘/ignore <playername>’ has automatic snipe functionality.

Moderation Actions (CM/GM)

Moderators may issue directives as deemed necessary to enforce these rules.

Warning – Moderators may warn any user for breaches of the chat rules.

Muting – Moderators may mute any user for breaches of the chat rules.

Temporary Ban – Moderators may issue temporary bans for breaches of the chat rules.

Permanent Ban – Moderators may permanently ban any user who offends on a regular basis, or whose offense is severe. All permanent bans are subject to review.

Trade Chat

1) Posting guidelines are provided at the top of the trade chat tab. The text in purple, trade chat is for trade it should not be cluttered with other things. You may use PC for a price check, you may use WTS to list what you have to sell, you may use WTB to list what you want to buy, you may use @name to reply to a players posting, beyond that you should take your deal making/bartering/chatting to pm, global or some other chat format, this keeps trade clean so people can tab over and quickly see what people are buying and selling. You are not allowed to use a prefix just to be able to say what you want in trade. You shouldn’t go PC im drinking some coffee… You should not go PC I will beat their price on anything. Instead go WTS with a list of your offerings and prices, if they are cheaper the players can figure that out. Not using the proper prefixes and using prefixes to get around the fact it wont let you post without them just to chat will start resulting in 1 hour mutes for first offenses and longer for repeated. Continuous abuse will be forwarded to the GM staff by the CM staff for possible action to force you to take a break from the game.

Supplemental Friendly Neighbors Policies

This server is focused on community. Yes enjoy the game, build your things, do everything the game has to offer, but we want to have an environment of friendly people that are enjoying a game, to relax, have fun, and get away from real life. If your consideration of fun is ruining the day of another player, then this is not the place for you. You are not required to socialize, but if you do enter the open chats or pm another, you need to always be respectful of others (this does not mean you can’t pick at them as long as nobody is getting mad) and generally socially acceptable. This supplemental rules section is being designed to clarify some things that seem to be unclear, in an effort to make sure we keep our community a positive environment. It may be updated regularly, it will be updated as needed.

1) This is a fantasy world not real life. Some people may come here and become friends and discuss their real life. However if they are not open to discussing it you may not try to bully them into it. You also may not disrupt their fantasy. It does not matter if a man is playing a female character, and wants to pretend to be an actual female while they are here, or vice versa. That is their choice, and calling them out on it borderlines the rule against sexual orientation harassment. Regardless of if it is true or not, if you like it or not, the solid rule is it is their business. If a person comes on here and says they are a woman, go with it, even if you believe in your whole heart they are a man, or vice versa, it does not matter. There will be absolutely no tolerance for anything even bordering on race, sexual orientation, transgender, creed, nationality, or anything in these categories. We may issue a warning the first offense for benefit of doubt you haven’t read the rules, after that we will be forced to give you a 7 day break, and a subsequent offense permanent ban. This is out of my hands as the server is hosted in Canada and they have strict laws about these things there. Now note we won’t just come at you if you are doing back and forth with a friend like sometimes the Americans and the Brits will pick on each other in good fun, but we aren’t really insulting a nationality that is ribbing between friends, know the difference or don’t bother.

2) If it is not deeded it is fair game. This is a bit vague and needs to be clarified a bit to avoid confusion. What this means is that if you intend to use a space and want to deed there, it is fine, even if your new neighbors don’t like it. It is preferred you discuss with your new neighbors first and come to friendly living arrangement terms, in case they have intents of expansion, but not required. However if you deed just to block someone, or to take over their work to try and sell them their work space back, simply put deeding just to be a (insert foul descriptor here) that is not acceptable and we will remove your deed.

3) Negativity rubs off and disrupts the enjoyment of others. This includes complaints that are not constructive in nature. Just ranting about something does not help anything. If you have a complaint, grievance, or do not like how we have done something. Please take a moment to sit back, gather all of your thoughts about it, construct a well thought out detailed opinion, then report it either to suggestions on our discord, via a /support ticket or directly to Xype on steam. Ranting will get ignored, properly done serious complaints will be considered and listened to. We would like to keep most of that out of the public chats, due to if someone else disagrees, it starts causing a disruption in chat and makes people upset. Lets try to keep chat positive!

4) What happens in PVP stays in PVP. This is true, and GM’s will not take any involvement in PVP issues other than stuck or some other serious form of game disruption. However this ONLY applies inside the PVP zone. You may not take your PVP fueds into the PVE area no matter how close to the PVP zone that area may be. Also keep in mind that Global and Freedom chats are not PVP chats, keep your trash talk in local.

Rule Additions

Anyone caught using the ESP mod may now have negative action taken against there account. This is a decision based on reaction of the majority of the community. ESP mod will no longer be allowed, anyone caught using it will have to deal with GM punishment.

Vanity Mount Subsection

Vanity mounts belong exclusively to the player who purchased them. If you find a vanity mount in the wild or on an abandoned deed, please open a ticket with its location and you will be rewarded with 3 silver and the mount will be retrieved and cared for by a GM. If you are caught with someone else's vanity mount you may be subject to punishment based on the GM codex.

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