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Capital Coordinates

These are the current return coordinates to set for for settlement teleporters.

  • Moor’s Rest (Prime): 2894, 2561
  • Northland Gates (Northlands):  3711, 7980
  • August Plains (The Plains): 1078, 1002

Other Coordinates

  • Volcano (The Funny Seat) 2773, 2828

*Puzzle's Palace

*The Proving Grounds

*The Hall of Trials

*The Mythmoor Museum

*The Isle of Doom

*Elven Dorei

*The Raceway

*The Cedar Hedge Maze

*Scarborough Fair

*New Player District

*Arena of the gods


*The Merchant Encampment (gm merchant area)

*SOSA (an open arena)


*Arena of the Damned (relay race space) 3929, 7849

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