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Broken Mail

The yearly hunt event tends to bring players trying to send massive amounts of kill tokens through the mail, and they end up breaking it for their character.

If a player breaks their mail account:

  • Player must wait two weeks for the mail to be returned to them by the server.
  • Xype will not attempt to manually pull mail out as it causes issues with the server.
  • We can see mail through GM Tool if needed.


We can't retrieve the items from the mail and trying to fix overloaded mails in the past has caused more problems.

I need to remind everyone again, I guess the yearly reminder, free mail is not so you can send sacs full of small items, its so you can send people quality items without having to pay fees or being forced to cod to cover fees.

We CAN NOT recover items from broken mails when its broken from sending tens or hundreds of items in the mail.

We also can not fix it and both parties mail will be broken until the server expires them, 2 weeks to a month later.

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