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Shades Pricing

About The Shades

The Shades is a “black market” under Moor’s Rest.  This is a list of items for sale on the merchants there.  Note that merchants tend to pop on a regular basis, which means we need to replace them.

  • Non-physical services are simply a placeholder object like a piece of paper called a “scroll of such-and-such”.
  • Some items are intentionally higher to promote buying from a player.
  • These prices do not reflect merchant prices in other places. For instance, the traveling merchant will be higher priced on these items.


Name Item Location Price
Urder Thunderstruck Tuning Fork 2900,2552 1s
Joris Bohnson Resurrection Stone 2901,2554 5s
Amynielle Scroll of Binding 2902,2555 50s
Amynielle Scroll of Unbinding (includes rebind) 2902,2555 5s
Madame Tabernacle Scroll of Gear Unbind/Rebind 2893,2559 5s
Erin Laluin Item Name Change Scroll 2902,2557 5s
Preservius Maximus Avatars* 2902,2559 50s
Preservius Maximus Resize Avatar Scroll* 2902,2559 20s
Mere Golden Makeover Mirror (change appearance) 2902,2561 1s
Sir Jean Golden Mirror 2890,2556 1s
Suldath Rod of Transmutation 2898,2552 50s
Troy Dys Scroll of Vein Removal 2897,2552 50s
RETIRED - Stable Boy Change One Trait (limited to one trait, not multiple traits on the same animal) 2900,2552 1s
Galemmaaegl Bag of Keeping 2896,2559 10s
Celadrie Personal Merchant Contract 2894,2549 10s
Saladry Personal Merchant Contract 2895,2549 10s
Emit Personal Buyer Contract 2895,2550 10s
Fandre Underne Supreme Strange Bone 2890,2551 1g 25s
Fandre Underne Rare Strange Bone 2890,2551 50s
Egablung Move Unmovable Item (Bunny Altar Move) 2890,2552 5s
Egablung Change Guard Tower Style 2890,2552 10s
Avery Bright Scroll of Item to Item Remodel 2895,2560 8s
Avery Bright Rare Strange Bone 2895,2560 50s
Shayla Personal Portal Rarity Device (settlement portal only, not Moor's) 2896,2561 30s
Shayla Personal Portal Color Selector (settlement portal only, not Moor's) 2896,2561 30s
Sleep Powder 2900,2552 5 silver/1s
Alard Bome Taxidermy Shrink Kit 2891,2557 5s
Slim Shady Sorcery Item (see Sorcery Items) 2890,2558 35 s/1 charge
San Radusk Shaker Orb 2899,2557 5s
Darnel Colke Snow Lantern 2897,2561 (2nd floor) 10s
Darnel Colke Hestia’s Home Light 2897,2561 (2nd floor) 9s
Riffolk Spyglass 2894,2555 5s
Vaneris Small Magical Chest 2895,2556 25s
Delirious Chester Large Magical Chest 2896,2558 (2nd floor) 50s
Delirious Chester Saddle Sack 2896,2558 (2nd floor) 20s
Delirious Chester Knapsack 2896,2558 (2nd floor) 35s

*Avatar names are Juggernaut of Magranon, Incarnation of Libila, Manifestation of Fo and Epiphany of Vynora. The avatars are made creating a 'birchwood preserved body' (renamed) using .001 custom size mod, Data1 to the respective model (78 thru 81 for avatars), Data2 to the size 1000 (Libila 1280) and AuxData to 2 for animated. For resize, miniature or smallest is Data2 set to 256.

About Certain Items


  • History (WU): They were given to premium players as a 10 Year Anniversary gift on June 09 2016. The quality, material, and rarity of the knapsack depended on the length of time the account has been premium since December 2013.
  • Model is a gray bag with a question mark.
  • Can be worn on the back slot like a backpack.
  • Holds 100 items.

Bag of Keeping

  • Holds a few small volume items.
  • Items in the bag of keeping remain on character upon death.

Saddle Sacks

  • Given to premium players as a Christmas gift in 2017.
  • Volume of 121.
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