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The Traveling Merchant

UPDATE: This was my traveling merchant. I no longer maintain it, thus this is my list. Another GM's merchant may vary.

Booth type: Supply Depot
Location: Northlands 3659, 5308

NOTE: Appearance may vary. At the time of this update Supply Depot model wasn't displaying/downloading correctly.

Item Quantity Price
Mystery Egg 10 1g
Supreme Mystery Egg 10 2g
Rare Strange Bone 10 50s
Supreme Strange Bone 10 1g 25s
Fantastic Strange Bone 10 4g 50s
Rare Bag of Keeping 10 35s
Rare Knapsack 10 50s
Rare Small Magical Chest 10 25s
Rare Garden Gnome 5 each type 20s
Key to Heaven 5 8g
  • Small Magical Chest price cannot be changed.
  • Name each gnome by type (shovel, scythe).
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