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Deity Faith and Alignment

To see a player's faith and alignment use the GM Tool on them. The window that pops up shows the info.


  • Self/Player: Right click on activated ebony wand, Server → Set Faith, select player, adjust settings, send.


  • Self: A GM's alignment must be set by another GM.
  • Player: Right click on character, Skills → Learn, set alignment. Have player check their alignment afterward to verify.

NOTE: Once both myself and Marilith lost our deities. I believe our alignment fell to zero. Just set faith and have another GM up your alignment while you’re online.

Deity Missions

New missions can be made by using the following command for Fo, Libila, or Magranon. If a mission already exists, it is swapped out for a new random one.

#newmission deityname
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