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Set Power

NOTE: Must be done on each map!

When adding a new GM, a player should create a new alt for that purpose. Once created, an existing GM can then set the alt's power level to the desired GM status.

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Set CA or CM

Community Assistant is the first staff level. It recognizes a player for being a contributor to the community by helping other players. The player receives the Community Assistant title.


Chat Moderator is the second staff level. It assigns a player to chat moderating duties. Guidance on how to deal with chat rule violations can be found in Rules. The player receives the Chat Moderator title. Chat Moderators can change chat colors using the #chat command and a color value.


You can assign some non-gm moderation type abilities to players as follows:

  • CA status, has colored text in ca-help tab, can see tickets but not respond to them or do anything with them (it is more a training/learning experience), and has a new chat tab called MGMT for team use. There are some ticket categories that will not show for CA and I forget right now but I think they were the payment related categories.
  • CM status is the moderator role which has ca abilities plus can interact with tickets. CM’s also have the ability to use colored text in other chat windows, cannot be ignored by players, and can mutewarn and mute players in chat. CM get a gm chat tab they can post in but not read anything (to alert gm’s if needed)
  • Devtalker is a flag you can set a player to be able to read the gm chat tab but not have gm powers. Typically used on GM play accounts (GM avatars are non-play characters in WO)

Set GM

#setpower playername 0-5

Power Levels

There are 5 power levels you can assign to players (0-5). Each have varying abilities (or none at all; 0).

  • Level 0 (PLAYER) has no powers.
  • Level 1 (HERO) has limited abilities and can mostly move around invisible and teleport but not see character details or affect anything. They can be given a wand of teleportation to move around with.
  • Level 2 (GM) is your normal GM. Tier 2 and above can set players as CA or CM, move players, ban players, lookup player information etc.
  • Level 3 (High God) was never really used in WO and i can’t say off the top of my head what it does extra (if anything) right now.
  • Level 4 (Arch GM) is when you can spawn items, set skills as a gm and have functions to shut down the server etc. Arch GM’s cannot be seen by normal GM’s when invisible. Arch gm also has an ebony wand in addition to the ivory one a GM uses. Arch GM’s in WO usually have a mission ruler as well.
  • Level 5 (implementor) is what DEV’s in WO have, very little difference to an arch GM.

GM Level Restrictions

  • Level 3 cannot terraform, cannot copy, cannot summon uniques.
  • Level 4 cannot summon uniques.
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