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All creatures have the ability of having traits, whether through breeding or being set by a GM.

Trait Table

Credit: Munsta0, November 24, 2015

Description Value
“It will fight fiercely.”combat rating +1
“It has fleeter movement than normal.”movement speed +0.1, has flag “isMoveGlobal”
“It is a tough bugger.”damage threshold of 11%
“It has a strong body.”+10000 strength
“It has lightning movement.”+20% movement speed
“It can carry more than average.”+20000 strength
“It has very strong leg muscles.”+10k strength, + 10% speed
“It has keen senses.”will frolic in spring (⅕)
“It has malformed hindlegs.”- 10% speed, has flag “isMoveLocal”
“The legs are of different length.”- 30% speed, flagged “isSentinel”
“It seems overly aggressive.”bite ⅙ when emoted to
“It looks very unmotivated.”- 30000 strength, has ⅖ more chance to hate you every time loyalty updates
“It is unusually strong willed.”will sometimes refuse to move (1/10), unleashes self
“It has some illness.”dies young…. maxAge - Server.rand.nextInt(maxAge / 2),loses strength when it eats instead of gaining (down to 15)
“It looks constantly hungry.”eat more (1500 instead of 700, same as a pregnant animal)
“It looks feeble and unhealthy.”doubles chance of disease, return false to “isRespawn”???
“It looks unusually strong and healthy.”halves chance of disease
“It has a certain spark in its eyes.”lives 50% longer
“It has been corrupted.”cannot be tamed by other than follower of Libia, only eats corrupted grass, npc’s can be dominated???

Speed Traits

Traits do not affect characteristics such as Body Strength. Some traits affect their carry weight limits, but that’s it. Otherwise, you could have a traited sheep pulling a wagon, and it probably would affect hitched speed.

Here’s what the traits do in terms of movement speed and carrying capacity:

  • It has fleeter movement than normal: +10% speed
  • It has a strong body: +10kg carry weight
  • It has lightning movement: +20% speed
  • It can carry more than average: +20kg carry weight
  • It has very strong leg muscles: +10% speed, +10kg carry weight
  • It looks very unmotivated: -30kg carry weight
  • It has malformed hindlegs: -10% speed
  • The legs are of different length: -30% speed
  • (Ebony black color): +2.5% speed

NOTE:  Silver/black is higher than ebony, but I don't know the percentage.

Hell horses have an ebony equivalent; I believe it’s “molten” but I’m not 100% sure.

Animals absolutely do not care about the weight of a hitched vehicle, so traits that only affect carry capacity (carry more, strong body) won’t matter in that case.

Speed-related traits kick in when the horse passes a Soul Strength skill check, and turn off if they fail it. The opposite is true for negative traits; it can pass a Soul Strength check to not be affected by something like “malformed hindlegs”. Hell horses have much higher Soul Strength than normal horses, so they pass these checks much more consistently. Unicorns, bisons, and other animals that aren’t horses, don’t do these checks; the traits are always in effect for them.

Rift/Valrei Traits

  • Mark of the Rift = Will not be attacked by rift mobs.
  • Mark of Valrei = Will age and die faster.
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