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Unique Hunts

NOTE: This is a topic in progress. What I've added here are a couple preliminary notes.


At times, a GM may be present at a player organized unique hunt and choose to liven up the event with additional challenges, and to provide GM support.

Sorcery Items

The GM starts a private chat with the 'loot distributor'; the player who is butchering the corpse(s) and handing out loot.

When a sorcery item needs changed from 3 charges to 1 charge:

  1. The GM watches local to see what the sorcery loot item is.
  2. The GM creates the same item ahead of distribution, and sets it with 1 charge (Auxdata 2).
  3. The GM then trades the loot distributor the newly created and set 1 charge sorcery item for the 3 charge item before loot is handed out.


  1. The GM trades for the sorcery item from the loot distributor.
  2. The GM sets the sorcery item to 1 charge (Auxdata 2).
  3. The GM returns the sorcery item to the loot distributor.
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