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Remodel Mod

The “Remodel” mod is called ModelMeImpressed (GitHub). It is a server-side mod that lets you change the model of an object or creature using the Remodel menu option.

WARNING: Do not try to change colored creatures (pink, purple) into objects! It will crash the local area and any players who enter the zone. The only fix is for the admin to revert to the last server backup or delete the offending object, which has to be done manually via the database.

What is okay:

  • Objects to objects.
  • Objects to creatures.

What is not okay:

  • Colored creatures to objects.
    • Easter seals, pink/purple unicorns, pink/purple dragon/drake mounts.
    • Any creature that has a color setting. (Includes creatures with conditions that have a color setting; sly, greenish, etc.)

As a general rule and to be safe, do not change a creature into an object, as you may mistakenly crash a local area on server. This from the admin.

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