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Scarborough Exhibition Hall

How It Works

The exhibition buildings are for setting up locked stalls to sell items. A buyer browses the stalls and decides they want to buy the items inside the stall. They go to the merchant and buy the key (the price of the items in the stall) which allows them to open the stall and get the purchased items. The buyer mails the key(s) back to the seller using the mailbox.

How To Set Up Exhibition Halls

NOTE: The owner of the exhibition building must be a citizen of Scarborough Exhibition Hall for permissions to work. Most players will have to use an alt.

1. Player/alt chooses a building.

2. Accept the fee for the building. “Rent” for a building is a one time fee of 25s for single (4 stall), 50s for double (8 stall).

3. Set the player/alt as the owner.

4. Rename the mailbox to reflect the player/alt name; “<playername> Mail”.

5. Player must set building permissions as follows:

Scope Permissions Why
Kingdom of Freedom Isles Pick Up Items So players who have a key can can enter the fence gates and pick up items.
Citizens of Scarborough Exhibition Hall Deny All To prevent other citizens from being able to enter fence gates without a key.

6. Advise player/alt that they must create their own fence gates, lock them, and place their own signs for stall names, as well as renaming their keys for their stall names.

7. Player/alt must place their own merchant for selling keys for purchase of items in stalls.

The player/alt can choose one of the following for inside the building (to maintain the settlement's design on the map).

  • Grass
  • Enchanted grass
  • Lawn


Expiry of rent:

  • 6 months of Mythmoor inactivity.
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