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Hunt of the Ancients


Hunt of the Ancients is a zone that has a server-run timed event. When the event starts players must capture pillars one by one by right clicking a pillar and selecting Conquer. The player must remain at the pillar for 1 minute 40 seconds to capture it (thanks Mitty). The first player to capture four pillars wins the event and receives a prize.

I've never done the event, so I'm not sure what happens if a player is attacked. I assume it interrupts the timer and the player has to start over on the pillar.

Where is the HoTA Zone?

The HoTA zone is located on Northlands, on a square island in the very center of the PVP zone. The PVP zone is in the center of the map and takes up 1024×1024 tiles.

Fix a Broken HoTA

Occasionally the Hunt of the Ancients zone will break and not spawn a pillar.

Method 1: Spawning Pillars

You may be able to fix the HoTA by pulling an existing pillar and dropping it.

  1. #loadItem wurmID
  2. Drop it on the ground.

Test to see if the dropped pillar allows a player to finish the event. Check to make sure there aren't other existing pillars that can be dropped (try loading all ID's). If not, go to method 2 (below).

Pillar Wurm ID's

Color ID
Green 842566669013250
Blue 842566685790466
Red 842566702567682
Yellow 842566719344898
Sky 842566736122114
Black 842566752899330
Clear 842566769676546
Brown 842566786453762
Lilac 842566803230978
Orange 842566820008194

Xype's snapshot of the Wurm ID's

Method 2: Recreate the HoTA Zone

Delete the Broken HoTA Zone

  1. Go to Northlands coordinates 4239,4099. You will find an obelisk there marking the center of the HoTA zone.
  2. Stand in the center of the coordinates (step 1).
    3. Look up and right click the obelisk (or the sign; it has to be an object). Server, Create Focus Zone.
  3. In the Create Focus Zone window open the Delete Zone dropdown and select the existing Hunt of the Ancients zone. Click the Send button. You should see a message stating that the zone has been deleted. Any pillars and shrines should disappear.

[10:36:33] Deleted the HotA zone.

Create A New HoTA Zone

  1. Ensure you are standing on the center tile, coordinates 4239,4099.
  2. Right click an object (obelisk or sign). Server, Create Focus Zone, select HOTA (Arch+) from the top dropdown.
  3. Enter 60 for east/west and 60 for north/south.
  4. Enter zone name. Hunt of the Ancients or HoTA. I use the full name so players know what HoTA means.
  5. Enter a description if desired.
  6. Click the Send button.

[10:37:18] Created the zone Hunt of the Ancients XY:4179,4039 to 4299,4159

You should now have a new HoTA zone.

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