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Yearly Hunts

Credit to Kelsaik for the kill token mod.

NOTE: Must be done on each map!

The #KillTokens command is case-sensitive and will also spit out an unknown command along with a response that it is now active or inactive.

  1. Create an event in event-listings on Discord with rules and rewards.
  2. Toggle kill tokens on. (#KillTokens version; #KillTokens on; #KillTokens off)
  3. Ask players to send in /support ticket to participate.
  4. Modify permission on a chest in the palace and add a player to allow access to it. Make sure you check that they don’t already have an assigned chest, as we reuse them every year.
  5. Set data and change Item Actual Name to the player’s name so they can find their chest by hovering over it.

Kill tokens cannot be duplicated because examine message cannot be duplicated. [09:12:18] <kelsaik>[15:12:08] A kill token that proves you killed that creature It is made from birchwood.</kelsaik>

[09:11:34] <kelsaik>the commands are (case sensitive):

#KillTokens version 
#KillTokens on 
#KillTokens off

Expected result for "on":

[19:30:56] KillTokens should now be active <-- Look for this
[19:30:56] Unknown command: #KillTokens on <-- Ignore this

Magical Chests

The large magical chests in the palace are used to store kill tokens in satchels inside the chests. The satchels are created with size mod of 5 which sets their weight at 2500 (5 times its normal weight). In rare instances when a player exceeds the normal 50 satchels, you will need to expand the chest to allow for 100 satchels, and even set up a second chest for the player. I use 116 expand to ensure the full 100 can be placed in the chest.

2022 Event Listing

The rules/prizes will most likely change on a yearly basis. This is an outdated list of potential prizes. Check Discord history for the latest prize list. What follows is text from Kelsaik for the 2022 year, documented as an example.

The hunting season starts on the 25th of April! Put in a ticket if via /support if you want to join! More infos in the event-listings on Discord or via PM Xantifuchs / Kelsaik

The hunting Season event will start on the 25th of April! To join please submit a ticket via /support

Rules: For the next 5 weeks (starting on the 25th of April) a new Creature will be announced that you will have to kill for the proof of your successful hunt you will have to bring a specific item dropped by the creature that, in this case will be a Killtoken. Only tokens with the creature tag on it will be counting towards your kills! You will have to place these specific items into your Large magical chest in the Mythmoor Palace on prime for them to count towards your score.

Each week you will get a reward: to be specific am mini Taxi version if the current hunted creature the reward is shown below

You will be able to unlock certain rewards for Total kills done over the 5 weeks and you will unlock specific rewards at the end of the event you will be able to choose 1 from your unlocked rewards!

For the most successful hunters we have some extra rewards so hang into it

We wish you all a successful hunt!

General Reward Per Week

Kills Reward
100 kills Mini taxi
250 Kills Rare Mini taxi
500 Kills Supreme Mini taxi
1000 Kills Fantastic Mini taxi

Total Kills Reward Unlocks (can choose one after the event is over from this list)

Kill Tokens Reward
1000 Rod of Transmutation
2000 Rare Bone
3000 Large Magical Chest
4000 Sorcery item of Choice (1 charge)
5000 1x Item Bind
6000 Supreme bone
7000 Hunting season Raging worg mount?
8000 1x 113 Cast (not on legacies and Artifacts)
9000 1x Tool set to QL 100
10000 Fantastic bone
13000 1x Item of choice set to QL 100
15000 You may choose two rewards

Top Hunter Reward

Top Hunters (# of kills) Reward
1st Place 2x Moonmetal veins of choice (Glimmer or Adamantine)
2nd Place 1x Moonmetal vein of choice (Glimmer or Adamantine)
3rd Place 5kg moonmetal lump of choice (Glimmer or Adamantine)

Kill Token Rewards

These were the rewards for 2022. The rewards were to get rid of excess kill tokens because they didn't decay. In the future the tokens will decay. Rewards may never be offered again to get rid of excess kill tokens, but the rewards are documented here for posterity.

Kill Tokens Reward
100 'Hunter Cleanup Crew' Mini Taxi (a guard mini)
250 Rare 'Hunter Cleanup Crew' Mini Taxi (a guard mini)
500 Supreme 'Hunter Cleanup Crew' Mini Taxi (a guard mini)
1000 Flying Broom 'Clean Sweep'
2000 Worg Vanity Mount
4000 Drake Vanity Mount
4000 Common Mystery Egg
5000 Raging Worg Vanity Mount
5000 Rare Mystery Egg
6000 Dragon Vanity Mount
7000 Mini Dragon Vanity Mount
7000 Fantastic Mystery Egg
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