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Bugs and Anomalies

Hell Horse Taxidermies

Hell horse taxidermies don't always become the correct model. A GM may need to Set Data and set the Data2 of the taxidermy manually to the correct number corresponding to the type of hell horse the taxi should be.

Data1 should be 83.

Type Data2
Cinder 126976
Envious 192512
Shadow 258048
Pestilential 323584
Nightshade 332800
Incandescent 454656

Invisible Floor Bug

If you use Custom Actions mod and you accidentally use thatch roof continue (20004) to plan and build a building floor, it will build in 5 actions as invisible and won’t be able to be removed unless you use 180 (destroy) on the tile. This may occur with other build types, I didn’t test it.

Moving Items Issues

When you can’t move from crate to container on a deed, but can if to inventory and to container:

Forum: This happens when the deed disallows the drop permission for non-citizens.

Also, you can’t move crates out of a crate rack while it is in a vehicle.  Attempts to do so will create ghosts on the ground, which are still in the crate rack.

Always move the crates to vehicle inventory before unloading them.  You can move crates from crate rack to crate rack directly from a vehicle to one that is outside the vehicle.

How to fix the ghost crates:  You can unload/reload the ghosts and it resets their status, but they pop back onto the ground again.  The best fix is to unload them properly and then load them back in to clear the status of the crates.

Guard Tower

To move a guard tower:

  1. Use GM Tool to get the Wurm ID of the guard tower. Right click the Wurm ID and copy it into the clipboard.
  2. Kill all guards (do not destroy them).
  3. Pick up the tower quickly using #loadItem <paste wurmid>.
  4. Drop the tower at its new location.

Wait to see if the guard tower spawns new guards. If the guard tower becomes bugged (won’t spawn guards), copy the tower and drop the new one and destroy the old one.

For each 10 QL of the tower, it will spawn 1 tower guard, up to 5 guards. A rare guard tower over 60 ql will spawn 1 extra tower guard, allowing up to 6 guards. A supreme guard tower over 70 ql will spawn 2 extra tower guards, allowing up to 7 guards.

Missing Settlement Deed

How to tell a deed has disappeared out of a player’s inventory.

  • The mayor is still the mayor, as per Settlement → Info
  • The player has lost their permissions as mayor.

How to fix the issue.

Gather deed information via the info page.

  1. Upkeep currently in the settlement coffers.
  2. Monthly cost of the settlement.
  3. Size of the settlement (x,y).
  4. Disband settlement and have the player redeed.  Reimburse them for their redeed cost.
  5. Verify the player is now mayor and they are good.


Create a settlement form.

  1. 1. Item → Set data on the token.
    1. Note the number in data2.
    2. Item → Set data on settlement form.
      1. Set data1 to 100.
      2. Set data2 to the deed number from step 1 above.
      3. Adjust the weight to 200.
      4. It may be necessary to activate and give the deed to the player, if they cannot trade it due to a cooldown.
    3. Verify player has become mayor.


  • If another player was mayor before you handed the newly created deed to the player, both will have mayor privileges, even though the old mayor is knocked down to citizen.  I do not know if this changes on relog.  It may. I do know a GM that was a mayor before and has had their deed pulled from their inventory retains mayor status. I only know this when testing with a permanent settlement, not sure about non-permanent.
  • This is a sloppy way of doing things.  It would be much better to disband the settlement and have it resettled.

Deity Missions

The game generates random deity missions, which, if completed, may crash the server. To negate a deity mission that may be too easy to finish, you can have the server select a new mission randomly.

#newmission deityname

Bugged Tools

  • Sometimes a custom name will break a tool, or cause it not to work correctly. Remove the custom name to fix the issue.

Wood Colors Not Showing

The player has disabled GLSL shaders in settings. This is the cause.

Weird Crafting Window Behavior

I've noticed sometimes, when making support beams, and using stacks of support beams in the crafting window, that it will switch between applying the materials to the current item and “striping” the materials across the stack. I don't know what the intended functionality is, but it's weird.

I went through a full 100 unfinished support beams, methodically completing each one with log, shaft and ribbon materials. Then I switched to another support beam stack and the crafting window started “striping” through the stack instead of working on an individual support beam in the stack at a time.

It seems to switch back and forth between the two with no rhyme or reason, which to me is a bug. Also, support beams/the support beam stack will drop out of the crafting window for no reason.
I wanted to note the behavior here.

Items in a Mine Popping Above Ground

I just noticed that if you build a roof on a cave building that is too close to the rock level above, there is a bug where items will appear to reside on the ground above their actual location in the cave. If you relog it fixes the issue, but this seems to be tied to having a roof that pokes through the rock level.

Magic Chests On Objects

If a player bashes an object that a magic chest is sitting on, it will take damage. A magic chest is not supposed to decay on deed, only off deed.

Planter Bug

It is possible to use the plant action for a planter (action 950) and plant any item into a pottery planter. The active item becomes the planted item and the other item disappears/becomes the planter object. Certain items can be planted and harvested.

Server Crash Bugs

  • If a player is in a deed perimeter (note, outside the deed boundary, but in the perimeter) and brands an animal inside the deed boundary (note, not inside perimeter), it will crash the server.

Xype forgot to Back up

It is possible that there is no option for rollbacks and gms will need to decide what to do with said issue. January 2024 we had a full enchant/rune snap on the whole of Prime. The Great Enchant Snap of 2024. Here is a small note about what we did:

*Contact player: ask them if they have time to talk, ask them if they know what happened on Prime, explain (if necessary) about enchants disappearing, ask if they had expands or replenish on any items. Expand items to 100 or 101 where they ask, you can check items by weight to know if they are overloaded. Ask if they had any bound items; replace all casts on bound items of 100ql (respectfully tool/weapon/armour casts) to 113 casts and smear all tools with appropriate oils from bloods. Bound items that are not 100ql received 102 casts (again respectfully to said item). Give deed owners The Inconvenience Pack of 2024 (backpack 101 expand, 2kg Rift Crystal and Shard, 3kg Rift Wood, 10kg brass, bronze, ada, and gold all at 80ql AND one satchel with 100 magic mushrooms.

*Every deed received a challenger statue “Great Enchant Snap Survivor”

*Every spirit building we found received Courier or Dark Messenger 101 and Expand 101 (finding spirit buildings on folk's deeds is sometimes tough, scan can help)

*As we helped a player with their situation we used this page to mark and note who was completed so not to double up:

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