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Deliver Coin and Sleep Powder

NOTE: This command can and often does fail on Northlands and Plains.

Coin is represented as SSCCII in the player window of the GM Tool, where S is silver, C is copper and I is iron.

Examples of what you see with the GM tool.

  • 82301 (8 silver, 23 copper, 1 iron)
  • 209425 (20 silver, 94 copper, 25 iron)
  • 1209425 (1 gold, 20 silver, 94 copper, 25 iron)
  • 2301 = (23 copper, 1 iron)
  • 99 = (99 iron)

Command Reference

How to add money to a player via command:

Format: #addmoney name months days silvers

Typical sub. Add 1 month (sleep powder), 0 days (not used), 10 silver, reason

#addmoney playername 1 0 10 sub

Typical order. Add 0 months (no sleep powder), 0 days (not used), 100 silver (1 gold), reason

#addmoney playername 0 0 100 order

Delivering Coin and Sleep Powder

How to deliver coin and sleep powder:

NOTE: Players who order the $5 (10s) get 1 sleep powder per order. 1g orders do not. Players are allowed to place separate $5 (10s) orders to get sleep powders.

  1. Go to the server the player is on.
  2. Check the player's coin in GMTOOL before doing the command, so you know what they have. Check their inventory for existing sleep powder.
  3. Perform the command (see above section).
  4. Check the player's coin in GMTOOL after the command to verify delivery. Check their inventory for the sleep powder.
  5. If command fails, wait a few minutes in case the server is lagging. If the command doesn't deliver, do it manually by creating coin and sleep powder and giving it to them in person.
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