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Key to Heaven

A key to heaven is an item that allows a player to become a deity. The cost for a Key to Heaven is 8 gold. Note that the player must use the actual player they want to become a deity.

  1. Player buys a Key to Heaven, either from a merchant (see The Traveling Merchant) or directly from a GM by putting in a support ticket.
  2. Player is directed to or summoned to a location (Prime 1285,3654) where the key will work.
  3. Player uses the Key to Heaven, which acts much like a sorcery item.
  4. Note in Discord staff chat the player's name and that they have purchased and used a Key to Heaven.
  5. Xype adds the player to the deity list and resets the server for the change to take effect.

It is up to the player deity to figure out their bonuses and alignment, which will then be added to the Guide to Mythmoor.

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