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The Sewers

The Shrines Mission

The shrines mission consists of 30 shrines. Each shrine must be completed in sequential order as each will progress the mission a percentage of completion. If a player misses a shrine they must go back and do that shrine to complete the mission.

I've set up a gnome at the beginning to reset the Shrines mission.

The Coffins Missions

There are three coffins missions. Each are independent from the other. The coffins were initially set to expire in 1 hour which can be confusing to a player when they get a fail message. I removed the timer and added trigger tiles on the end ramp out to reset the coffins missions if they somehow didn't reach 100% completion, which has happened.


I created a cotton replenishing mission in the middle of the dungeon. It's a BSB that gives out cotton once. There is a trigger on the ramp out to reset this mission.


I will add more info as I glean it from the area.

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