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How to Use Mods

NOTE: Many of the mods use console commands. Press F1 to open and close the console, and type commands in the command line.

Live Map

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Self-explanatory. The mod can be found on the main menu by pressing escape. You can edit the file and set showHiddenOre=true to see all ores, not just the ones you've exposed with your mine tunnels.

Improved Compass

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The compass no longer disappears, and has coordinates, height of the tile the player is standing on, and degrees of rotation.

Improved Improve

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VIDEO: Freth's video on how to use Improved Improve

Uses your toolbelt to auto-switch between improve tools, making improving much faster and easier. You will need to make binds for repair and improve (and optionally activate). I use these keys: ,=activate .=repair /=improve

Set up toolbelt profiles with tools for the various improve types (wood, metal, leather/cloth, stone, etc.) and then make sure to drag a resource in inventory to a slot when improving a specific type (log, lump, etc.). Hover over the item to improve and use the key binds to queue up repair and improve. Each time the improve tool switches, it should auto change and you can simply press repair/improve to continue.

Note that this mod only works for improving items in an inventory container, whether your inventory or a forge.


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Toggle trees, grass and more.

Console commands:


Time Lock

Hard sets the time of day.

Console commands:

timelock 12
timelock 12:34
timelock off

Custom Actions

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VIDEO: Freth's video on how to use Custom Actions
VIDEO: How to maximize hunting and gathering with Custom Actions

Bind any action to a key.

Command What It Does
act_show on Turns on action number display in menus
act_show off Turns off action number display in menus
bind space “act 123 hover” Perform action on object mouse is hovered on
bind space “act 45 target” Perform action on target
bind space “act 568 @eq20” Perform action on backpack
bind space “act 162 @eq2” Perform action on helmet
bind space “act 97 @nearby4” Perform an action tiles within four meters of the player

Chaining commands will queue actions. You must have high enough Mind Logic for the number of actions.

bind B "act <id> <target>"
bind B "act <id> <target> | <id> <target>"
bind B "act <id> <target> | <id> <target> | <id> <target>"

Example:  Tend and then harvest in a 3x3 area.
bind B "act 151 area | 152 area"
Target Explanation
hover Uses the specified action upon the hovered item, object or tile
body Uses the specified action upon the characters body
tool Uses the specified action upon the currently activated item
selected Uses the specified action upon the selected tile/object
tile Uses the specified action on current tile
tile_{dir} Uses the specified action on nearby tile (n,e,w,s,ne,nw,se,sw)
area Uses the specified action on 3×3 tiles around current tile
@tb{n} Uses the specified action on item in toolbelt slot #n
toolbelt Activates the tool in belt slot <id>

There are also a console commands.

loadtoolbelt # load a specific toolbelt config (0-9)


Command Description
bind space “act 3 toolbelt | 154 tile | 4 toolbelt | 318 tile” Activate slot 3 (say, a shovel) and pack the tile you are standing on, after that it will activate slot 4 (say a rake) and cultivate the same tile
bind r “act 163 hand” Repair your current tool
bind f “act 183 @tb1” Drinks from toolbelt slot #1 (if it contains water)
Character EQ Number
left hand0
right hand1
right arm6
left hand7
right hand8
left foot9
right foot10
right ring16
left ring17
left shoulder18
right shoulder19

Cave Vision

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Sets cave lighting to full brightness. There is no toggle.

Better Tooltips

Automatic. Just hover over tiles, tile borders and corners for info.

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Fixes a bug that makes deity light pillars, spirit drakes and eagle spirits invisible. Note that you can also fix this by going into Settings, Compatibility and changing VBO from Core to Extension.

Disable Tree Collisions

Disables bumping into trees, you now walk through them.

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Max Toolbelt

Shows a 10 slot toolbelt regardless of its QL and existence. New players on mythmoor get a 100ql toolbelt, so not as useful as it used to be, but nice to have anyway.

Old Mobs

Reverts to an older color view of mobs who have conditions (angry, slow, etc.); the whole mob is dyed the color instead of it being a part of the texture as it is now. Easier for identification.

Author's Forum Post

Third Person View

Third person view.

Author's Forum Post

tp toggle - Toggles the mode
tp zoom-in - Zooms in
tp zoom-out - Zooms out
tp set-xoffset <value> - Set's the x-offset (defaults to 0)

Free Cam Mod

Allows you to disconnect your camera from your character.

NOTE: Free Cam Third Person mods conflict with each other. When Third Person is on, Freecam will not work properly. You must toggle Third Person off first.

Author's Forum Post

Type 'togglefreecam' in the console to detach the camera from your head and fly around, hold shift to go faster. This mod is great for getting glamorous screenshots of your deed, or that player group unique fight in action. Combine with timelock and season configure to further up your screenshot game.

Season Configure Mod

Allows you to fix the season in place, or custom configure how long you want the seasons to be. Can only be done in the config file, not through console commands in game.

Author's Forum Post

Example config file:


# Any one of these set to true will result in the temperature options not getting used.
# Setting more then one to true will use whichever option comes first, top to bottom.
# false : default setting. This makes the mod use the temperature cosine wave to determine season.
# true : Sets the season to always be that type. 

# Google sheet calculator to see how these numbers produce season length
# (I couldn't figure out how to make a simultaneous equation so you could just use percentages):
# Fall and Spring durations will always be about equal.

# This is the average temperature throughout the Wurm Year. Think of it as the average value a cosine waves oscillates around.
# 9.0 is client default default. 

# This is the range of temperatures occurring throughout the year. It's derived from a cosine wave.
# 24.0 is client default. Valid for values >= 0.

# A few examples of (Avg, Delta) combination:
# 1. About all equal length seasons is:  (4,18). This gives W26%, Sp24%, Su26%, F24%
# 2. Client default: (9, 24). This gives W14%, Sp20%, Su46%, F20%
# 3. (4, 12) and this gives Sp50%, F50%.
# 4. (-2,20) and this gives W50%, Sp26%, F24%.
# 5. (17, 18) and this gives Sp10%, Su78%, F12%.
# 6. (-5, 8) and this gives W78%, Sp12%, F10%.

No Winter

Removes the winter season entirely from the game. Fall textures and settings will be used instead.

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Skill Gain Tracker

Adds a window to track skill gain, with options.

Author's Forum Post

Archeology Groups

Makes archeology fragment grouping in inventory slightly saner.
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Automates most things related to fishing.

For rod/pole fishing just start a fishing action and it will keep casting and pulling in fish automatically until you stop it or your inventory fills up or you run out of fishing gear.

For now it relies on vanilla mechanics to replace baits/floats/etc. so you need the right skill level. In the future i might add an automated replace system too.

For spear fishing just start a fishing action and it will keep looking for fish, striking and restarting the action until you stop it or your inventory fills up.

Net fishing isn't well supported for now, it will restart the action but unless you have other means to clear the fish from the net it will stop once anything is caught. This will be improved in the future. Your rod/pole/spear/net will be kept repaired automatically (but not anything inside them - this will be added in the future)

Range Finder

Bypasses the spyglass check and gives you a permanent rangefinder cursor at the center of your screen.

Author's Forum Post

Console commands: 'rangefinder' toggles range, 'zoom' toggles zoom


Sort Player Inventory On Game Start, Auto Sort Inventory, Sort Container Contents on Window Open, Auto Sort Container Windows, Auto Sort Skills Window

Author's Forum Post

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